About ATV


The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) is an independent, member-driven think tank. ATV strives to make Denmark one of the five leading Science and Engineering regions in the world – to the benefit of future generations.

In order to achieve this objective, ATV is undertaking a number of activities to the advantage of businesses, knowledge institutions and society as a whole. ATV emphasises that the activities must be value creating and that recommendations from projects are implemented into practice. Projects must lead to concrete, measurable results.

ATV itself does not do any scientific research but creates the framework for others. As a member-driven organisation, ATV has special qualifications to implement conclusions and recommendations and to bring these into play.

Unique Network of Members
The Academy’s network of members is quite unique: The 750 members are research directors, business executives, leading researchers and experts within the fields of technology, technology management and related topics. The very foundation of the Academy is credibility achieved from the independence of the organisation and the strong professional competences of the members.

Half of the members work in private businesses, the other half work at universities and other knowledge institutions. ATV sees itself as the meeting place for the business world on the one hand and the universities on the other hand. When admitting new members, the Academy strives to ensure this balance. The members also include employees from the GTS-institutes, organisations and foundations.

Technology Development is the Main Issue
The Academy was founded in 1937 and had then as now a positive view on technology: The scope of technology development is the red thread in ATV’s activities, and the Academy especially seeks to make an effort for the practice-oriented issues in which the use of technological research and innovation is essential.

ATV regards new technologies to be at the very core of the development of society. Technology development is the most important driver to create wealth and welfare in Denmark – and to solve the huge, global tasks.

Key Issues
ATV has two key issues:

  • Technology and science are to be strengthened in the Danish educational system
  • Danish competitiveness is to be strengthened by means of technological development

Non-profit and independent
The Academy works on a non-profit basis and, as a private organisation, and it does not receive any direct public funding. The activities are performed on the basis of the voluntary work from our members who are supported by ATV’s secretariat with 9 employees.

ATV is financed by fixed, yearly membership fees on the part of its financial partners which are some of the largest private businesses, universities, GTS-institutes, organisations and foundations in the country. Many projects are financed by sponsorships and/or foundation grants. The Academy often forms project partnerships with other organisations.